December 24, 2013


Coke is likely the most popular drink in the world. Everyone knows it has a high sugar content, but it is truly tempting to have an ice-cold coke during the hot sweaty summer. But this is when our problems begin – the irresistible drink starts to bring irritating body fat.

What the hack happened when we drink coke?
Sugar is the solely and only source of calories in Coke. When we drink Coke, the digestive system can easily and quickly break down its sugar content into glucose, as our body’s major source of energy. But if we are having more glucose than the body needs, it will turn into glycogen and store in our liver and muscles. The excessive level of glycogen in our muscles will turn into fatty acid, that’s right the unshakable body fat!

How to burn calories from Coke the right way?
First to avoid building body fat from drinking Coke, we should stop glycogen from turning into fat. The best way to do that is to burn as much glycogen in our muscle as possible. According to the chart 1 below, when we engage in a high intensity exercise (reaching 85% of maximum heart rate), almost 60% of our energy sources come from glycogen in our muscles and 10% from blood sugar. Meanwhile when are work out at a lower intensity level (reaching 25% of maximum heart rate), glycogen and blood sugar supply only 10% of the energy consumption.

Time to work out also matters. Chart 2 indicates the most efficient time to consume glycogen is at the beginning of the workout. Glycogen supports 45% of the energy sources when we start working out. But as time goes, such percentage level would drop. Thus, we have only limited time to burn glycogen effectively and we should make good use of it.

9 minutes FoodyFree Calisthenics Program to burn calories from a can of Coke
A can of Coke consist of 150 calories and they all come from sugar. Thus the best to burn calories from a can of Coke is through plyometric exercises with high intensity interval training (HIIT). Give it a go, 6 actions, 9 minutes to burn one can of coke and stay away from the fatty acid!