June 12, 2014

花⽣本是⼀種⾮常有益的⾷物,因為含有單元不飽和脂肪酸,有利帶走飽和脂肪。但可惜的是,我們在超市買到的花生,由於要讓花⽣更香更脆,就會將它油炸,這樣會⼤量增加脂肪含量,更改變不飽和脂肪酸成為飽和脂肪。以一份花生為例(約50克),卡路里則有 313 大卡,更嚴重的是當中216 大卡是來⾃脂肪,佔總熱量近七成,可說是超高卡食物!

Peanuts have been a very beneficial food, because it contains monounsaturated fatty accids, which beneficial saturated fat away. Unfortunately, due to make the peanuts more fragrant and more brittle, the peanuts we buy in the supermarkets will be fried, which will substantial increase the fat content and changes the unsaturated fatty acids into more saturated fat.

Take a 50 grams peanuts as example. It contains 313 kilo calories (Kcal) . More seriously, from the 313Kcal there are 216Kcal transfered from fat, this is almost 70% from the total calories! With other words, peanut is a super high calorie food!