June 9, 2014




Alcohol in the beer will not be converted into fat stored in the body. In fact, alcohol in the body will be converted from Ethanol into Acetaldehyde which will further convert into Acetid Acid. And Acetid Acid will convert into carbon dioxide and water which will excrete.

But, why are there rumors about drinking can cause fat? The reason is that alcohol will reduce the fat metabolism of the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). When alcohol enters our body, alcohol will become energy metabolism in priority. We have to know that the calories contained in alcohol is not low (one gram of fat contains nine calories, alcohol contains seven calories), this substantial amount will replace fat which will be an energy source of the Basal Metabolic Rate.

Basal Metabolism is the vital function which maintain the body temperature, heart rate and visceral functioning. Under normal circumstances, 80% of fat is the basal metabolism of energy sources, such as large amount of alcohol absorption. Normal fat metabolism cannot be consumed, which accumulate up and cause the obesity.